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Whether you’re looking for adventure, new friendships, some well-deserved relaxation, or a warm tropical escape, the 2018 Paparazzi Passport Vacation is where you’ll find it! And if you think Paparazzi knows how to party, just wait until you see how we vacation!Every Consultant is invited to be a part of this extraordinary annual retreat!  Sit poolside with the Founders, dip your feet in the ocean, or dance the night away as you dive into the vibrant local nightlife – the options are endless!  Luxurious all-inclusive accommodations set the perfect backdrop for Consultants to connect, $5 empires to grow, and priceless memories to be made.Mark your calendar for January 9-14, 2018 and join...

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On the beach, in the malls, out to dinner or relaxing around a fire... no matter where summer finds you, we have affordable fashions to suite you!   Our summer line is carefree and embraces your carefree spirit.  We have bright and vivid colors right beside our earthy tones.  We have included motivational pieces as well as adventurous items.   Where ever this season finds you and no matter your mood, Paparazzi By Teresa can offer affordable accessories to spark your imagination!   Give us a try!  Use Code:  SUMMERFIX and shipping is on us!! 

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