Plastic Straw Ban Ends Childhood Ritual

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Plastic Straw Ban Ends Childhood Ritual

As we all look back on our childhood we can share stories of things we did using our imaginations to occupy our time.  But then, most of us weren't tied to cell phones or electronics.  Instead we made a yummy salad from grass, weeds, our parents flowers, maybe a few sticks and, rocks.  After completing our masterpiece, we lovingly shared it with anyone who would pay attention.  As we grew older our abilities grew and we moved on to dandelion jewelry, candy wrapper jewelry, noodle jewelry and even straw jewelry.Often times we used these masterpieces as gifts!  What Mother's Day was complete with a precious made bracelet or necklace?  To many, this is our first taste of pleasing someone with jewelry.  Our little hearts would just bust when we saw our own creation being worn in public.
 Today's kids would often times prefer to create their lovely ideas on a screen than with their hands.  Will we begin slowly losing those childhood rituals we all grew up with and spent hours on end playing?  What will tomorrow's kids remember when they are grown?   Will they get to experience that love they feel when someone wears it the first time?

Paparazzi by Teresa allows you and your children to experience that long ago lost feeling of receiving a treasure from your child.  At only $5 each, your child can walk in and choose any number of items to give to loved ones and experience the thrill of seeing it be worn in public.  I carry children's, men and women's jewelry.    And now till Christmas Eve, I will gift box/wrap all items so they are ready for giving!  Making shopping for your little ones very easy!
Straws may just be the first step in a lost or dying tradition, but the gift of giving a lovingly picked piece of jewelry to a loved one can live on.    Feel free to shop online or bring your child into my shop where I help them pick out their gifts and wrap them.  

You can shop 24/7 on my website at, or you can shop 24/7 on my Facebook VIP Page  Or come in and shop during any of my weekly Open Houses at 16421 W. Darby Rd, Marysville, Ohio 43040.  Follow me on Facebook to get my weekly hours.  ( ) Paparazzi By Teresa, where all fashionable jewelry is only $5 or less!  

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