No White Men for Best Album at the Grammy's?

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No White Men for Best Album at the Grammy's?

While many may think this is the top news of the day, (you know, those with not much else to do), most women are actually worrying about something else.   What to put under the tree?  What to put into the stockings?  and then reality sinks in, how am I going to pay for it all.  Sure the Grammy's are fun to watch and root on your favorites, and even for a time it may take other pressing matters off your mind.  Did you know that the Holiday Season surrounding Christmas is the most stressful time of the year?  Job stress is often also at it's highest.  Suicide rates and deaths of the elderly go up.  To help keep things in perspective, I want to offer you a few tips:

1.  Do not try to do all the out dated traditions that no longer apply.  Sure your mom fixed a couple hundred cookies from scratch and baked pies and cakes for days, but did she run her kids in three directions for sports, church, or any other group your child shows interest in?  

2.  Learn to say no.  We do not have to be super women.  As a matter of fact, I can assure you, your children would much rather a night in front of the TV watching a movie with popcorn then you trying to be super hero in the volunteer department.  Don't let others take control over your life and your holiday by putting unneeded pressure on you.
3.  Do not agree to do things that in reality you do not have the time to complete.  You feel guilty and give in to help decorate or bake cookies for a class party, but in doing so, you have to push off your kids or miss doing something fun you otherwise would have done.  Remember, this is your holiday too, and you need to think about your health and down time to relax.

4. The best advise I can give you is prioritize.  I know, with families that is often difficult.  But once you learn to put your priorities in proper order, your family will be giving you your own Grammy Award for Best Mom!!  Years from now your kids won't care how many cookies you baked for the school or how you ran the church play.  What they will remember is the time you spent with them and made them feel special.

So sit back, watch the Grammy's.  Don't stress over the fact there are No White Men for Album of the Year.  Enjoy the show, eat your popcorn and this year, learn to say no to "Stressmas".  And if you are still worried about what to stick in those stocking without going over budget, remember, Paparazzi Accessories by Teresa are only $5 each.  Need help paying back that Christmas debt?  Paparazzi by Teresa can help with that and keep you home with your loved ones!  Remember, they are your top priority, so a job shouldn't take you away from them.


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