Myths About Father's

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Myths About Father's

With today being Father's Day, I decided to look back over my life and how my Father played a role in my life.  Looking back, I can see a difference in dad's of the 60-90's to the dad's of today.  But over all, some myths are still the same.

Myth #1:  Only dad can punish you!  I know many of you have heard the saying, "Wait till your Dad get's home!"  Instant silence would come over the house.  Fear would be instilled in us all.  Thoughts of what COULD happen would have us scared enough to behave the rest of the day!  Often it even left us finding ways to please our Mother so she would forget to tell on us.  I just know how much he loved walking in the door at night to hear just how terrible we were!

Myth #2:  Dad's never ask for directions!  Well, he might not have asked Mom, or asked any of us kids, or even people along the way, but boy could he ever lay out a plan!  You would think we were a small army invading a foreign land.  Maps would be brought out.  Routes would be checked out for construction, of course, his source was never exactly up to date and we often hit construction zones any ways.  He would calculate exactly how much gas, oil, and even how many bathroom stops we should have.  Meals were even planned out by where we would be on the map at any given time.  So next time you think your dad just jumped in a car and started on a trip, think again!  He just has it so well laid out, there couldn't be any mistakes in his plan, right?  

Myth #3:  All Dad's like to get down on the floor and play rough with the kids from time to time.  Maybe more this generation than last.  My dad worked a very physically draining job and he often worked 6 days a week and 12 hour shifts.  By the time my dad got home, he was so tired he just wanted to eat dinner and go to bed.  Rarely did that ever happen.  As man of the house, there was always an endless list of items needing done around the house.  And on his day off?  Don't you dare be the one who wakes him up!

Myth #4:  Father's don't cry!  For years I thought this was true.  Often when my brother or I fell or hurt ourselves, we were told to get up and rush it off.  Failure to do so immediately could upset him.  The first time I saw my Dad cry, we had just lost our hunting dog to a bad accident where it drowned.  My father retrieved the dog, brought her home to us, laid her in a box, and drove us to her favorite hunting spot.  We were allowed to watch as he dug the hole and then as he gathered rocks for on top.  But he wanted to say goodbye alone.  My Mom ushered us kids back to the truck to wait.  But as we started down that hill a noise could be heard echoing through the hills.  My father was sobbing his heart out.  His companion for years was gone.  I was 16 years old then when I first saw my father cry.  I have since seen him cry a few other times.  I found that my father is a very private mourner.  He prefers to do it alone.   

Myth #5:  Father's don't like to brag about their children as much as Mom's do!  Oh sure, he likes to make jokes and tell on every little mistake you made growing up!  But wait, are you listening closely?  That is his way of bragging.  What you thought was important to brag about, those straight A grades and honor role was not as important to him as the fact he taught you to out burp any man!  Or how about your boy friend shows up and he jokes that you can out shoot your brother!  Oh and let's not forget my father's favorite, that I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.  If you listen closely, you will hear not only him bragging, but hear the love in his voice as he does so.  

My hope is that this Father's Day you will take a good look at your Father and realize, he wasn't perfect, but he did his best with what he had.  And if you are still looking for that perfect gift, Paparazzi isn't just for women, we have our Men's Urban line as well!

Happy Father's Day from Paparazzi by Teresa


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