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Free Coupon Craze

Everyone likes a deal, and in today's world people don't like to pay full retail.  So how do you make a profit if the item you are selling is already at an all time low?  

To use my own business as an example, our items retail at just $5 each.  So discounting these items would greatly affect our income.  It becomes increasingly hard to sell our items that have been long on the shelves or out of season.  

Our parent company does not allow us to discount our items.  We have to become very strategic in finding ways to satisfy customers.  One way is to cut back on shipping costs as much as possible and allow free shipping.  Myself I offer free shipping on $30 or more spent.  This spreads the loss over 6 items.  Another idea is tax free day.  Here where we are located that amounts to 7.5% refund on all items.  

One of our most recent ideas is to upgrade our packaging.  In the next few coming weeks our customers will notice some personal touches to their orders.  Our hopes is that these personal touches mean more then the few cents saved on taxes.  

To find out if our packaging ideas are a hit or not, we will be adding a comment section to our website.  We would love to hear not only what you think of our coming changes, but any ideas you might have.  We are very open to new ideas, new products and new ways to help our community.  Meanwhile, until then, enjoy paying no taxes on your orders for the rest of the month!!  Use Coupon Code:  NOTAX06

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